Top 4 Famous Weird Food Trends

Top 4 Weird Food Trends

Food can be experimented in many ways. It is these experiments that created some of the well-known dishes. But sometimes people get little carried away with weird food. Sometimes these experiments turn into total disasters and would make you cringe once you listen the ingredients mixed. Here are some of the most weird food trends that even got famous.

Drinking Butter

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There’s another way to consume butter without the deep fryer and it’s shaking up your morning ritual: coffee. Bulletproof coffee is the most recent weird food trend of the last 10 years. Invented in 2009, this butter-coffee mix has gained significant popularity in the nutrition world in the last two years for its claims that it can enhance weight loss and improve cognitive function. But people are still skeptical. Butter is high in saturated fat and cholesterol, which is linked to heart disease, heart attacks, and death. And many of us have a hard time picturing dumping some chunks of butter in our coffee.

Gulping Grass

When eating healthy started gaining more and more popularity in the 2000s, things got goofy. But on the most peculiar ideas to come out of the health movement is drinking grass. Eating grass first became popularized in the 40s when an American woman by the name of Ann Wigmore suggested that humans start consuming wheat grass to mimic the habit of dogs that munch on grass to calm their stomachs, aid digestion, and ultimately lose weight. However, it really took off in the last 10 years when vegan diets and other healthy lifestyle programs became popular.

Chip Change-Ups

Each year since 2012, Lays has offered $1 million dollars to the person who can come up with the best new flavor idea for their iconic product. This contest is arguably one of the greatest marketing schemes of all time, but we can’t deny that some of these flavors are just straight up strange. Flavors like cappuccino, biscuit and gravy, and mac ‘n cheese potato chips have made their way to supermarkets across the nation. And it doesn’t stop there. Lays has sparked a potato chip revolution as other brands have started producing and selling their own unique flavors. Pringles jumped on the bandwagon with a loaded baked potato flavor and Kettle has started producing curry flavor. Where these chips get really weird is their ingredient list. Obviously, potato chips don’t naturally come cappuccino flavored, so their nutrition facts feature a whole host of additives and artificial flavors. These chips are so artificial that companies aren’t even trying to hide it.


As weird food as this one is to us, it’s also arguably downright awesome. With creations like sushi burritos, dessert pizzas, and ramen burgers, creativity can sometimes bring new life to old favorites. People are combining foods and cuisines to get a unique flavor experience they’ve never had before. In December 2013, Time magazine declared the cronut (the croissant donuts) one of the best inventions of the year. However, this trend also has the potential to go a little rogue. In 2013, Taco Bell released the taco waffle which was promptly taken off the market in 2015. That same year, Dunkin Donuts put eggs and bacon between two glazed donuts to create the first ever donuts sandwich.

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