The HACCP app is packed with cool features

But don't worry, you can just use the features that are relevant to your operation

Printing feature

You can email or print any logs from your device to any printer.

The HACCP app is also integrated with EPSON label printers, so you can print :

  • Food labels 
  • Date codes
  • Allergens
  • QR codes

It doesn’t require to be plugged or installed to a specific location

Scan the QR code

You need to know if a specific food item contains allergens ? Scan the QR code.
You need to know the expiry date of a food item ? Scan the QR code.
You need to know which operator has touched this food item last ? Scan the QR code.
You need to know what is this food item made of ? Well… you have guessed it by now.

There is a QR code for everything so you don’t have to complete entries manually, you can even do it vocally !


Comply with legislation very easily. You only have to print a label for the item that you have already saved, and that’s it. You are compliant.

Fridge & Freezer temperature

It has been never easier, there are two options, either you enter data very easily according to your weekly schedule or let our bluetooth temperature gauge do the job for you.


Traceability can be handled in two ways. It can be handled from deliveries or from daily menus. You only have to take a picture.

Food Items

Manage use of the app by date/best before, allergens, print labels, QR codes and create food items for all other features of the app from a single database.

Cleaning schedule

You are required only once to customize the app to your own working environment and set up the schedule. The app customization is an easy step by step process.

Delivery records

Approved suppliers list and delivery records are located at the same place. Accepting or refusing a delivery is just as easy as taking a picture.

Hot holding

Monitor and log hot holding temperature from your finger tips

Service temperature

Handle your service temperature records very easily. Once an element is saved in the database you only need to enter its temperature.

Hot/cold chain

If you are producing food and serving or selling it in remote location, record the date, time and temperature of departure and reception easily.

Pest management

Never lose the contract or maintenance records, they will all be saved in the same location. Keep it available in case of an inspection.


Enter the name of the item. Enter the temperature at the beginning and the end of the cooling process. Done

Oil testing/change

List your deep fat fryers. Take a picture or capture a record when the oil has been changed and that’s it, job finished!

Material Safety Data Sheets

List your cleaning chemicals easily and keep all your records in the same location. Manage them without any difficulties.

Team management

Imagine assigning tasks, monitoring and tracking your whole food safety operation from your fingertips, this is now possible.

Staff management

Keep training records, medical logs, medical records in one place. Everything is saved in the cloud and available instantly for inspection.

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Contextual In-app training

Did you see this little chat button on the right hand corner of the app ?

This is the best food safety trainer you have ever had 👍

  • Training happens in context
  • Relevant to the role of the user
  • The team becomes more knowledgeable and more efficient on a daily basis
  • Helps implement a real food safety culture amongst your team
  • A qualified food safety supervisor is beside you all the time

Talk to us

A live person answers your queries,  here is how we can help you succeed :

  • Food safety advice
  • Assistance prior/during audits and inspections
  • Help with implementation of the app
  • Technical support
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