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Integrated pest management : A prerequisite to HACCP

Integrated pest management : A prerequisite to HACCP A pest infestation can put  your business in danger. Exceptional safeguards must be taken to prevent pest from undermining food safety. Any food business needs to have  an Integrated Pest Management system (IPM). IPM programs are effective for a straightforward reason. They understand that pest management is not a […]

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Top 4 Famous Weird Food Trends

Top 4 Weird Food Trends Food can be experimented in many ways. It is these experiments that created some of the well-known dishes. But sometimes people get little carried away with weird food. Sometimes these experiments turn into total disasters and would make you cringe once you listen the ingredients mixed. Here are some of […]

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3 Countries with Best Food Safety Policies

Countries with the best food safety Policies have realized the importance of nutrition and health for its citizens. Estimates suggest that there is currently enough food being produced in the world to feed every one of the 7 billion people currently in the world. However, most countries over consume food while also wasting large amounts […]