• Get rid of paperwork and focus on food !

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Enables the food service and production industry to transition into an inexpensive paperless environment.

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Work Smarter, not Harder

Let your device do the work

Safe data

Your documents are kept in secured servers, you don’t need to worry about losing them anymore

Slick Design

Slick and minimalist, design allows you to focus on the features.

Engaging talks

Talk to us live, we have a powerful in-app chat feature to make sure your team is fully successful in using the app.

Fully Customizable

Never mind the size or the nature of your organisation. Every feature can be easily tailor made to your business needs.

Easy integration

No hardware installation or technical expertise

Cloud based

You can access your documents anytime from any devise, anywhere in the world

Contextual In-app training

Did you see this little chat button on the right hand corner of the app ?

This is the best food safety trainer you have ever had 👍

  • Training happens in context
  • Relevant to the role of the user
  • The team becomes more knowledgeable and more efficient on a daily basis
  • Helps implement a real food safety culture amongst your team
  • A qualified food safety supervisor is beside you all the time

Wireless temperature sensors

Remove the hassle of manual record taking using smart temperature sensors :

  • Receive smart alerts and notifications
  • Super easy set-up, no implementation required from your end
  • Free replacement during the whole length of your subscription

Super easy customization

The app is designed to match food safety requirements for :

  • Single site restaurants
  • Multi-site restaurants
  • Food manufacturers
  • Collectivities
  • Entreprise restaurants
  • Retail businesses

Just make it your own, everyone can be customized in a breeze.

Monitor your whole food safety plan at a glance

With the app you can easily monitor :

  • Temperature activities
  • Date code/expiry dates
  • Allergens
  • Checklists
  • Tasks and schedules

The app is packed with cool features, check them out

"A groundbreaking app that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high, naturally. This is the future of any food safety records"
Paul ThompsonExecutive chef

Achievements too, of course!

Save time, money and be compliant

Digital food safety records for food businesses